Admission Arrangement

Obtaining and submitting application form (Unlimited Quota)

  • Apply Online (Link to application system)
  • Apply in person (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm)
  • Application Form for Admission
  • If translation service is needed for non-Chinese speaking applicants, please contact the school by phone 2345 4340 or email [email protected] in advance so that the school can arrange interpreters for the interview. Chinese-speaking family members or friends are welcome to accompany the applicants during the interview for translation.


  1. Birth registration (original and photocopy)
  2. One passport photo
  3. Four reply envelopes (each with child’s name, contact address and a $2.2 – stamp
  4. Application Fee: $40 (The application fee is non-returnable whether the application is successful or not.)

Tuition Fee

A total of 12 sessions throughout the school year, monthly tuition fee and meal charge:

N︰$4269 , Meal Charge︰$500

K1 – K3︰$1339 , Meal Charge︰$338

Reference price of main agency projects (Year of 2023/24)

Summer School uniform$473 / SetWinter School uniform$641 / Set
Schoolbag$100 / BagSnack charges(No any direct agency)
Textbook(No any direct agency)Academic Exercise Paper$25 – $36 / Year
Stationary$35 – $78 / YearBedding Items$400 / Set

Relevant Information

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