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Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes in Kindergartens and Kindergartens-cum-Child Care Centers

The Education Bureau will issue a letter to schools outlining the measures and arrangements to be taken during this period. Schools can utilize alternative modes to facilitate children’s learning at home and help maintain their curiosity and motivation for learning. In this regard, the Education Bureau reminds schools and parents to avoid prolonged use of electronic screen devices by young children and to ensure that children rest their eyes appropriately while using such devices. Therefore, as a general principle, real-time online teaching in the form of e-learning is not applicable to kindergartens. The Education Bureau issued a letter to all kindergartens in Hong Kong on May 10th of this year, sharing some principles and strategies to support kindergarten students in learning at home for reference by schools.

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Latest Update on Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Outbreak

We are writing to inform you of the latest situation regarding the outbreak of upper respiratory tract infections in schools/institutions. The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health urges your school/institution to be vigilant and monitor cases of respiratory tract infections among students, residents, and staff. The CHP has recently recorded multiple outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections involving schools/institutions. In the past week (October 25 to 31), there were four outbreaks recorded, involving a total of forty-nine individuals. In the first four days of this week (November 1 to 4), there were ten outbreaks recorded, involving a total of seventy-three individuals. Among the fourteen recent outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections, the majority occurred in primary schools (50%), followed by kindergartens/nursery centers (29%), and one each in boarding nursery centers, special nursery centers, and special schools.

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